End of Term

Melissa has survived what appears to be a terrifying attack after the end of term graduation exhibition at her art college. Questioned by two detectives, she tries to tell them what happened but it becomes increasingly apparent that this is far from a clear-cut case.

In a series of flashbacks, we see the events leading up the bloodbath that Melissa has survived. Her fellow students - Ashley, Brandon and Lizzie – are all strangely driven, obsessed with their own concerns. Melissa’s boyfriend, gallery owner, Scott is not what he seems. Add in the waspish art critic Damien Self and the school principal, Professor Leigh, both with shady and obscure histories themselves, and you have a seriously combustible combination of personalities.

Then there is Garth Stroman, a radical artist who once worked at the school and died after his extreme and vicious art was exposed as fraudulent, whose spirit seems to hang over the place, influencing students and staff to ever greater excesses.

End of Term culminates in a violent and shocking climax when Stroman’s final art-work is re-created in the basement of the students’ house, proving that whilst some people must suffer for their art, others must die for it.

Cast: Ronald Pickup, Peter Davison, Ben Lamb, David Bamber, Julie Graham, Nicola Posner, Chelsea Edge and Ivan Kaye

Directed by Mat Menony and Mark Murphy

Written by John Paul Chapple