Becoming (2019)

Blood, guts and glory mark this feature as a classic vampire horror film… with a feminist twist.

Becoming tells the story of women protecting themselves and their families against a group of supernatural beings who seems to have it in for the men of the local town.

A small-town detective, Lindsey Swift, is overcome by a string of inexplicable disappearances. Teenagers are being slashed and going missing. There’s a massacre at the local café, and there’s an unnerving, attractive doctor at the local hospital who never seems to take a night off

And a mother, Claire, sees her family brutally murdered by a strange, animalistic woman. Claire survives…sort of.

No-one’s really sure what’s going down in this town, but someone’s got to get to the bottom of it. And, as the age-old saying goes… if you want something done properly – ask a woman.

Producer/Writer – Kirsten Stoddart

Kirsten has worked in production since 2004. A graduate from Sydney Film School and with a Masters in Scriptwriting from Bath Spa University, she has line produced several films in the UK including The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud and Surviving Christmas with the Relatives. Her awards and nominations include Best Original Score and Best Producer for For Summer and Best Screenplay for The Kin.

Director/Writer – Jessie Kirby

Jessie started her career in theatre, writing for the Boomerang Theatre in Cork and seeing her work performed across Europe. She gained a Masters in film editing at Bournemouth University and has written and directed three low budget features including Insatiable starring Laura Donnelly and Nora-Jane Noone. She has won numerous awards as film maker, most recently for her short, For Summer. Becoming has been selected for script awards at eight film festivals, winning Best Horror Script at the 80 Screams International Film Festival and Best Screenplay at the Annual Copenhagen Film Festival.